Monday, 3 November 2014

Halo The Master Chief Collection Digital Download

SO ,,, this will show why reading the small print is important.

See that scrolling text box, it has a LOT in it telling you what's included ...

BUT ... then this showed up ... check the 4th line from the bottom about the Halo 5 Beta

"Halo 5: Guardians Beta : GAME DISC REQUIRED"

eerrr.... okay, but DIGITAL downloads DON'T have a disc so how ???

Wee call to Xbox Customer Support Line 0800 587 1102

The guy on the other end of the line thought it was odd and not something they had noticed ... off he went... came back with the expected news

It's a typo for the digital version.

If you get the hard disc version then yes you WILL need your MC Collection disc to play the Halo 5 Beta and when you go to play it you will get a screen alert to make sure you have the disc in.

The DIGITAL version wont blink the alert.

Can you imagine if that wasn't the case tho ... you download your 45gig game and 20 gig update (apparently that is how big the game is) and go and play and get excited for the beta only to find out you cant cos you dont have a disc ... the 0800 number would meltdown ... the forums would crash !!!

But worry ye not ... and maybe there will be a small wording change on the dashboard in the next few days :D

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