Monday, 24 March 2014

Rangers Octopus Loo Roll Cover

 As the title says ... a loo roll cover, in the shape of an octopus, in Rangers FC colours :D

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Weird Xbox Tenure

Okay ... so the number of years you have had an Xbox Live profile shows on your profile. I think mine is 5 or 6 years now, havnt checked.


eviltedi has got something a bit weird, and currently tweeting with XboxSupport  to see if we can work out what's up (if you have a problem tweet them cos they are pretty quick at responding and so far so good with answers in the past :D )

Sometime last week eviltedi's tenure changed to 9 years ... a helluva long time ... or rather it sort of changed.

He'd gone onto his 360 to see the free game that's up on offer ... we have Sproglets who like playing and sometimes theres things that they'll enjoy too ... and he noticed there he'd changed from 8 to 9.

It's pretty clear on the 360 as you can see here

So after doing whatever he was doing on there he went back to the One ... Titanfall, say no more LOL

BUT ... on the One it hasn't changed, still only saying 8 years. So contacted support above to ask if they had any idea

First answer back was did you check the number properly ... and yes the font can look a bit deceiving so got 'tedi to come out of the game to check and it is definitely still an 8 ... see below

The next suggestion was to delete and reinstate profile on the One to see if that updates it ... he's done that now and still no change (altho he was a tad miffed as his friends were not showing and getting a weird code but it turns out there was actually a wee problem in the systems that they new about and once that was sorted the ages of birling circle to get a black screen with error code dissappeared)

SO, this is where we are now on March 19th 2014 at 10.43am UK time ...  just gonna publish this and link to them so they can see the pics in full definition (twitter insists i half the size the camera takes) to show we're not imagining it :D ... will update as we work thru this and find out what up. eviltedi did a forum scan and found no info, so 'tis a mystery :D

watch this space

Edit 20 March 2014

Support were not sure why it hadn't changed yet, but did say keep an eye and to let them know if it hadnt changed within about a week. Not a problem.

So 'tedi signed on there this morning and lo and behold ... 

So the One has updated it's tenure about a week behind the 360. Not sure if this will be the norm or if others will immediately update ... but just in case this happens to anyone else the info is here :D

YAY, 9 years :D