Friday, 21 February 2014

Digital Download Gripe

Yes it has been a while since I wrote anything on here. Been busy with Teeny Dudes and my own Sproglets and general life stuff. 

BUT ... this digital download stuff is really getting on my goat, and today I REALLY need to say something about it.


Dear Xbox ... you want us to use the digital download thing right??? well here is an idea. make it worth our while. 

Today we see Rayman Legends digital download on the dashboard for £34.79 

but Asda have it for £27 for the hard copy disc,default,pd.html

SO... as a mother and a gamer, with 2 kids who game, and a husband who games ... and in these current times of austerity ... where the *bleep* do you think I'm gonna get this one from.???

One to two quid fine, that would be a minor grumble that would get a typically British quiet whinge while it made it's way down the phone lines ... but nearly £8 is far too much to be let away with that.

Look at the competitors prices ... charge a competitive price... and we WILL use the system

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