Saturday, 30 April 2011

Milo the Armadillo

The teachers at the nursery school know I knit and crochet a bit...well okay a LOT.

One of them told me about this book by Jan Fearnley with a knitting pattern for an armadillo that she had started but it didnt look quite right and would I be interested....silly question really, cos I'll give anything a go LOL.

So, she gave me the book and some wool...I felt the pink looked a bit dark so rummaged in The Stash and found one near as darn got all the bits of double knitting and the size 11s (3mm) together ready to start

The pattern does have quite a lot of shaping and some colourwork for his back so it's not for a can get the pdf link through her website, but I would definitely recommend getting the book too as it's a lovely story for the little ones.

A couple of evenings later I had all my bits ready to sew and embroider

I did a few things in a slightly different way/order from the pattern tho, The eyes I made 2 lengths of wool with knots in the center so I could tightly knot the ends inside the head...just to make them a little more secure and less likely for little hands to yank off (I have a 3 and 4 yr old and know what they can do). I als did the embroidery on the back before sewing it on...again for the same reason so I could secure any ends inside neatly.

So here he is...

...I remembered while doing his back why I don't do Fair Isle very often (fiddly keeping the back neat and not too tight)...

... and finally for a size guide here he is modeled by my 3yr old. I nearly didnt get him back.

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  1. Thanks for the tips!
    I want to do it for my child and I was searching for people who already did it.