Thursday, 17 March 2011

Iggle Piggle

As usual just using budget wool in pale blue (maybe about 30grams worth) and some oddments of black and red. uk size 10 needles (3.25mm) and some toy stuffing. legs,body and head are all one piece, stitch count in bold at end of row

k Knit
p Purl
st-st stocking stitch
st/s stitch/stitches
inc increase
k2tog/k3tog knit 2 together/knit 3 together

instructions in brackets are repeated as mentioned


Beginning at base of feet with red cast on 14st

1st row inc k wise in every stitch (28st)

beginning knit st-st 2 rows

change to pale blue and st-st 8 rows

shape for feet

next row k4, (k2tog) twice, (k3tog) 4times, (k2tog) twice, k4 (16 sts)

st-st 15 rows on these 16sts ending with a p row. break yarn and leave sts on a spare needle

make another leg the same without breaking wool.

join legs together

knit across the 16 sts on needle, then knit across the sts on the other leg, mark both ends of row with coloured thread (32sts)

continue on these sts, beginning purl st-st 21 rows

shape shoulders

next row (k4, k2tog) twice, k8, (k2tog, k4) twice (28sts)

st-st 5 rows

increase for head

next row k3, (inc in next st, k2) 7 times, inc in next st, k3 (36sts)

st-st 9 rows

next row k24, (k2tog) twice, k8 (34sts)

purl 1 row

next row k23, (k2tog) twice, k7 (32sts)

st-st 15 rows

shape top of head

next row k5, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k to end (30sts)

purl 1 row

next row (k2tog) to end (15sts)

next row p1, (p2tog) to end (8sts)

break yarn leaving a long end, thread thru remaining 8 sts and pull up lightly

to make up, bring coloured threads at top of legs together with right side inside and sew both leg seams and oversew cast on stitches, sew up the back seam to just above neck shaping. sew seam from top of head for about an inch to leave space at back of head,

turn right side out and stuff. At this point i would embroider on facial features or add on safety eyes if using them, this way all ends can be well knotted inside the head and less likely to be pulled out by an overzealous tot lol)

finish stuffing and sew seam at back of head closed. get a double length of pale blue wool and wrap around neck, pull tight and knot well, sew in ends

ARMS  make 2

using light blue cast on 7st

1st row (inc) k wise to end (14sts)

beginning purl st-st 15 rows

shape elbows

next row k12 turn

next row p10

next row k to end

st-st 9 rows

shape top of arm

dec 1st at each end of next and every following row until 4sts remain. Cast off

with right side inside sew up seam to top shaping, turn right side and stuff, sew open edge to body with cast off edge at shoulder shaping.

using a double length of wool tie around at approximately row 7 of arm, tie tightly and sew in ends to create a hand.

HAIR make 4

using red cast on 5 sts and icord 6 rows

(where you knit across, slip sts back to 1st needle, bring yarn behind and knit across again pulling tight to create a icord tho as there are better explainations with pics)

break wool, thread through sts and fasten off

sew hair to top of head as illustrated


using blue cast on 2st

1st row (inc) in both sts (4sts)

work 4 rows

next row (p2tog) twice, break yarn leaving long end, thread through 2 sts on needle and pull tight. run a line of stitching around the whole edge of nose and gather with a little stuffing inside, and attach nose to face as illustrated

and iggle piggle

his blanket is just 15 sts worked in sts-st to make a square, then blanket st detail in light blue

I have to add that i am in no way affiliated with the company that makes the program and this pattern is only meant for personal use and all the other usual legal stuff, if you do own any rights and are unhappy with me posting this please feel free to message me and i will remove it...thank you

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