Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What is Haggis?

Okay...traditionally it's minced up bits of the sheep left over after the good stuff has been used, mixed with onion,oatmeal,spices etc stuffed into a sheeps stomach then boiled...served with mashed tatties (potatoes) and mashed neeps (turnip).

I must add...by turnip i mean REAL turnip, often called swede...the yellowy coloured one with purply skin that you make soup with...not the ponsy wee white and pink things the English call turnip lol.

At least that's what we Scots tell you.

In reality they are actually wee (small) hairy beasties (animals) that run about the hills. They have what might be described as wonky legs, but that's for a very good reason...the males have short right legs and the females short left legs.



The shorter legs determine what way they run around the hill, the short legs being on the opposite side on the different genders means as the males run clockwise and the females run anticlockwise around the hill they will eventually run headlong into one of the opposite...and thus creating baby haggis's

So we tell you lot it's this mixture of guts and rusks etc...just so you don't get upset about eating a cute wee creature

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