Monday, 31 January 2011

The Toadstool Stool

I've been planning this one for a fact I've actually had the reel for over 6 months now and now it's made we have a fair bit of space in the cupboard LOL.

Started off it's life as a giant plastic cottonreel. cable reel but you know what I mean.

After a bit of discussion making it into a toadstool seemed the best idea. To make it hardwearing I decided on crochet and using 3 strands of wool held together. After a couple of tension circles decided on a 5.5mm hook...6mm was a bit loose and 4.5 was way too tight. I don't have a 5mm hook at the moment (plarn project with plastic hook and it shattered...ooops)

Simple circle...2 chain, 8 single crochet (american SC, or UK double crochet) into the 2nd chain, then working in spirals increasing round 2 increase in each, round 3 work 1 increase 1 round etc...

...and so on until it was slightly larger than the reels diameter (ballpoint pen for size guide).

Then a few rounds straight for depth, then some decreasing and finally a row of double crochet (UK trebles) to thread the attaching tie through.

The base was a bit more difficult to cover. Worked it in again 3 strands, 3 different shades of green to give a mottled colouring. Worked back and forth using shortrow shaping this time to create an open sided doughnut shape to make it easy to attach on. Then some details of 6 white circular spots and a little blue flower for on the base.

Picture below is most of the bits unfixed for a general idea of how it was coming along

Once I had everything done it was time for stitching. Details onto main parts 1st, and then the base. It's sewn together at the radius of the doughnut that was left open, but can easily be unstitched and re-attached should it need washed at any point. Finally a chain stich cord around the edge and pulled tight underneath. Finished result of base was pretty neat.

A closeup of the flower detail.

Next came the hard part of stuffing the seat.

With small kids about things always get spilled, so it needed to be something spashproof. Final descision was a black bag filled with chopped up carrier bags. This made it waterproof but still soft enough to be "shaped".

After much squishing and squashing and duct tape the padding was complete and the top cover popped on, again using a chain stitch cord to tie it on making it easy removed for washing.

I have to say I'm pretty chuffed with myself :-) ...

...and Wee Brian quickly picked up on what it was for.

Now just need another reel to make another one so there can be no fighting between the boys.

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