Sunday, 16 January 2011

summer scarf

Freebie from the Feb 2011 issue of Let's Knit mag is a couple of 25g balls of a yarn called Cookie. It's a bit like a pompom yarn but as the mag says it's soft enough that it dosn't need to be knitted as one. That being said it is still not the easiest to work with as it's very easy to put the needle tip thru the fluffier bits.

Suggested patterns were for a cushion cover,baby set,teapot cover or a summer scarf...not much use for the other 3 at the moment so decided to make the scarf...12mm needles meaning quick to make was also a draw LOL

1st picture here shows what the unworked yarn looks like. The big needles give a very open work, the other suggested patterns use smaller needles and it does look good with those too...but not the easiest to work with. They suggest it's £4.99 worth of wool...personally given a choice I wouldn't pay a fiver for 50g of wool at ANY time, but I don't think I would buy this one...thank you for the freebie,but as a regular yarn it's not for me...ANYWAY...

The finished scarf is about 2 meters long, more than enough to go very loosely round neck once and still have two long ends to hang down. Fringing was easy to get the right length as you can count the bobbles.

Finally a close-up of the end showing the knitted scarf and the fringing.

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