Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Plarn project 1

1st I'd better explain Plarn. It's short for PLastic yARN and is basically loops of cut up plastic bags, looped together to create a long string which can then be knitted or crocheted with...googling plarn will give plenty of how-to's to make it. Anyway,the blue bag <---- is gawd knows how many bags from Asda cut up and ready to string together.

I then decided to make a pegbag...being made of platic bags it dosnt matter if it gets wet in the wonderful Scottish summers we have. No pattern exactly as such...a 5.5mm hook, about 15 or 16 chain, working 1/2 double crochet down both sides with increases and the ends for a couple of rows...then working straight rounds for about 12 rows round...back and forth for about 6 rows to create the hole of about 12 missed stitches, chain to rejoin at the top of hole, working DCs over chain on the next round, another 6 rounds then single crochet thru both sides together to finish top seam. Insert the coathanger, in this case it was an age 1.5-2 yrs trousers hanger, then neatening the hole with a cuple of rounds of SC. the pic ---> dosnt really show the hole well unforts
 This piccy is better. Now filled with pegs and hanging on the kitchen door. Until this i was just using a single poly bag to put my pegs in and due to the wind it was a tad difficult at times. hopefully the weight of this should work a lot better.

One plarn project done...LOADS more bags chopped and made into plarn...what's next ?

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