Monday, 23 August 2010

My kids are nuts

Brian is thankfully in bed...after climbing on windowsill, climbing on wheeled coffee table to get onto big unit and getting stuck cos it runs away as he pushes leaving his legs dangling AGAIN screeching "muh-mee help it skay-wee"...then running full pelt and PRETENDING to fall over (it's so overacted it's unreal) saying "i crashed"...pulling me here and there to show me that the ads have come on the tv EVERY BREAK on nick jr

And that was only for the 3 hours Gregor was at nursery...then i got it in stereo LOL

Thank gawd mine actually go to bed at night, and if Brian gets up early say about 6ish he goes and switches on the TV and sky in the toyroom and plitters about playing for about an hour before coming into our room and dropping Hubbys slippers on his face to waken him saying "ah want-ah milk peeezzzz" (clever boy dosnt do that to Mummy)

This morning tho i was woken up with a gun in my face...okay a purple waterpistol thing but a tad disconcerting having that pointing at you held by a smiley wee face saying "hiyah muhmee"

They're full on hard work...but wouldn't change them

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