Thursday, 19 August 2010

a little piccy update

As I said earlier today, I'm making the windmill bag in deep red/pinky colours...piccy with 4th panel just started

I was reminded today that tyre warmers are not to be used next year in F1. A bit unfortunate after what we had here last year.

Gregor was 2 and well nutty about F1 already...then he started doing something strange to all his 1st we didn't understand why, but he was always wrapping up the wheels...most often with paper that he'd ripped off his magazines, but sometimes using the babywipes...the latter was usually on his toy Roary the Racing Car maybe due to the larger wheels.

It wasnt until we noticed him doing it JUST before a race started...he was copying the tyre warmers. At just over 2 years old he had already figured out that the F1 cars had covers on their tyres and obviously felt HIS cars needed them Mummy thought...lets MAKE Roary some. Knitting being the best bet as i could easily make a closed stretchy tube that he could ease on himself. A few interrupted-by-2-kids hours later i had this...

top left...size 12 needles, DK wool, 15 sts, 65 rows (12 stitches would be enough)
top cast on and cast off edges together
bottom left...use row ends to gather as tight as you can and fasten off tightly
bottom right...the finished tyre warmer
Now I had only got this far before Gregor was nosying about...he disappeared...came back with Roary...and without actually being told or shown what to do started putting the finished one on !!! A little bit more sewing later and Roary had toasty tyres for bed that night LOL

Final blether for this post. One of my primary (junior school/age 5-11) classmates mum popped a photo on Facebook...we think its primary 3,maybe 4 (age 7 or 8). I'm the 2nd from the right on the back row :)

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