Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Itsa mia Mario

WHOO the words of the dude himself LOL

Well I got him finished other than a couple of buttons on his braces, but i'll pick them up tomorrow hopefully.

Pattern with many thanks to Wolfdreamer who kindly offers the patterns for free on their blog

Wolfdreamer Off The Hook Mario Pattern

and this is how my little dude turned out

And a close up of the face

A few fiddley bits but in general an easy to follow pattern, clearly explained. I sewed on the eyes rather than just glueing as he's for the boys. Gregor hasn't had him more that about 12 inches from his side since i made him. Mario has sat next to him on the sofa while he was "driving" with Daddy playing Forza 3, then sitting next to the beanbag in the toy room...and now he's kipping in Gregor bed, full pride of place on the pillow.

I think he likes him :-)

Now onto Yoshi, but this one is a bought pattern from Etsy...just a read thru says it's a bit more fiddly.

And after that i have a Southpark character pattern to play with...thinking of other adaptions of it too.

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