Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hectic few days

There's been lots happening...getting ready for new school term etc...hopefully some photos later on.

In the process of 3 works in progress tho...

This bag in mossy green

This bag in a deep red/pinky combination


Mario plushie for the 3yr old Mario Kart mad spawn.

typical me trying to do too many things at once...but there is a reason

the green bag i'm doing the main part...know where i am and dont need to view the pattern just now so i can pick up/put down as i go

red/pink bag...easy pattern,know what i'm doing so won't need PC/lappy for pattern again

Mario is a different story...lots of shaping so need the pattern and better doing it when i'm not trying to do other things at the same time (ie in the evening once the spawn are in bed is good)

there's just not enough hours in the day...especially as there are other works that have been abandoned

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