Saturday, 21 August 2010

The finished Windmill Bag

Firstly credit must go to the pattern that i got off the internet

windmill bag pattern

This is my finished bag

Here it is being modeled by my 3yr this time it was carrying Roary the Racing car, a fancy hotwheels racing car of whatever prototype variety and a matcbox lambo...the boy likes his cars PMSL

Here it is in a similar sort of picture as the original pattern. 100gram balls of double knitting for scale. I used 4mm (UK size 8, US size 6) needles, and Double Knitting (US worsted weight, Aus 8ply). Pattern is easy enough for most beginners, the i-cord bind-off is a little finicky and time consuming, but gives a good solid finishing edge and as it leads into the i-cord for the handles it does mean that these are secure on at least the bag edge. If you can cast on, garter stitch cast off and i-cord it's a tube easily explains i-cord and the bind off.

Now...i did mean to write all that up last night, but for whatever reason (fell asleep) i didnt get round to it, so today i was on the other green coloured bag pattern found HERE . Got the main bit finished and moved onto the lining. In my MAH-HOOO-SIVE stash of fabric oddments it took a while as there was quite a few i liked...matching and contrasting...eventually decided on the multicoloured patterned one. I'm a little further on than the pics as i now have the lining fully stitched in and started the gathering far so good.

Only other thing for F1 yet...yawns with TV boredom

oh...X Factor is back... :-D

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