Friday, 13 August 2010

A day of Gardening with a "Pit Stop"

The past couple of days have been quite nice, so we finally got round to tidying up the garden.

Or rather re-tidying...we did a whack when we 1st moved in at the end of May, but the weather hasn't been the best so it got a tad overgrown again. Plans for next year to grow stuff but we were a couple of month late in here to do anything worthwhile.

The boys have a bubble blowing lawnmower, and when Hubby started mowing the grass the 2yr old dissappeared into the house and returned with their mower...and proceded to copy ever move Hubby made, be it direction and even the stance with one leg forward

I also managed to get into the tatties. I'd popped 6 sprouting potatoes in the ground not long after we moved in, and the flowers had just died off so i knew they were ready to lift. From those 6 small new potatoes I got a whole big pot of them...and the 3yr old was highly amused by the tatties coming out the soil

Once we'd filled not only OUR brown garden waste wheelie bin but the mother-in-laws too we thought it was time to stop (we did put the grass clippings into the new compost bin...pat's own back).

The next job of the day was Granny's scooter. The mobility scooter needed the wheels pumped up a bit, and Hubby thought Gregor would love the short run to the garage and back...he didn't just love it, he had a complete ball of a time. Standing between Hubbys legs as he drove it...and then came the wheel filling. The wee soul thought he was doing a pit-stop..."THIS IS RACING DADDY!!!"...thank goodness he had a nappy on or he'd literally have wet himself with excitement PMSL. Hubby brought it back here (we're halfway between garage and grannys) and took Brian a wee run up and down our street...

Not very far, but he thoroughly enjoyed the run, Gregor ran to meet them coming back then raced them home. He was chuffed to win. Both boys were a tad miffed that the scooter had to go away again...who knows maybe another jaunt sometime.

And hopefully another good day tomorrow so we can trim the hedge a's not bad as you can no doubt see,but ours is the most overgrown looking one on the street so we'd better neaten it LOL.

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