Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Alpha Male at 3.5 Years Old

Our 3 yr old is definitely showing some alpha male signs...or rather that he understands the way it works...and it's quite interesting to see it.

While getting his morning bum change...

He pointed to Hubby..."you're number 1"

Then to himself... "I'm number 2"

Then to his younger brother (2yr old)..."Brian's 3"...and followed that with "...and Mummy's 4"

So Hubby asked..."why is Mummy number 4 and not number 1 or 2?"..."Cos she's a girl"


He'd said something similar the other night, but Daddy was 1,Mummy 2,he was 3 and Brian 4...and the odd other time he's said he was 1 and Brian was 2...so I think he's realised roughly what place is his, altho i'm not keen on being number 4 personally just cos i'm a "girl" LOL

But i'm interested to see how this is developing in his little mind and they way he's describing it in a way he understands.

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