Thursday, 1 July 2010

would you like a bag with that? 1st July 2010

You're standing in the queue with a pretty full basket, get to the till and they rapidly scan the items then look at you incredulously...

"Would you like a bag with that?" you not see me standing here like a spare thumb doing nothing with my items as i have no carrying device to put them in...of course i have enough pockets to carry half a dozen yoghurts, i can shove the bread up my jumper...need i carry on.

So how do you answer it? I have been polite and said yes please...usually this polite response is due to the person behind the till having the common sense to ask before or just as they start scanning. I have used "yes please,i dont have enough hands/pockets" in a polite tone...that seems to get their goat up the most,being polite.

Then comes the paying...if they have had the sense to ask about said bag early then i get my card out usually before i've put everything in the bag...the payment usually takes a minute or two while they ask about cashback etc...i can put that time to good use and complete the packing.

If stupidity has been a key factor...then i draw it out and pack everything away before i pay or at least drag it out a little as i'm no going to rush it just cos they want to get me away as soon as they can.

So please, if you are behind a till just use a little common sense...not everyone remembers to bring a bag for life...i'm a mum who usually has a buggy to carry stuff, bags are never remembered as i have sooo many other things to do just to get out of the door to get a carton of milk.

thank you for listening and i look forward to not having to resort to sarcastic retorts in the future

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