Thursday, 1 July 2010


Children are such fikkle things when it comes to food

The other evening we went round to a friends house for a BBQ...yes it's actually warm and sunny enough for one of those things in Scotland just now

Anyway...G ate virtually nothing, a few cherry tomatoes and i dont think much else, B did eat a bit of burger and a whack of cucumber...funnily enough when the ice-cream came out they both devoured the delectable treats

But that is not something out of the ordinary as my boys will happily much on things one day and dislike them with a passion the next...they always seem to do well at breakfast and the rest of the day can be hit or miss.

G ADORES broccoli...yes broccoli...i cannot go down the veggie ailse in Asda without him asking for it, tomato soup is another love and he will eat a whole tin at a time...yet most meals he will sit there and fuss for ages sometimes picks,sometimes devours sometimes eats nothing...i have decided that if he asks for something before i go shopping then that is what he gets for his dinner, so far it seems to be working and he usually eats quite well those evenings.

Another fikkleness thing...they always want to eat off YOUR plate, even if what is on theirs is EXACTLY the same...and why is it when you give them something they wont touch it (gammon steak)...but they insist that the bits of yours that you slice off and give them is "nummy"....give them it on their plate the next time "ah dont like it" GGRRRR lol.

And try and steal something off THEIR plate and it's a whole different screeching ball game "NO DADDEEE THATS MIIIIIIINE"...well you were not even eating that slice of nectarine and it had been sitting there for 30 mins while you farted about with the toy car on the sofa...he thought you were finished LOL

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