Wednesday, 28 July 2010

eviltedi's gamerscore

About 2 years ago hubby accidentally got this score

So he had to even it up, got 55555 at one point...we took a pic but i cant find it at the moment. Anyways, after that we thought...hold on...all the 4s,all the 5s...lets see if we can work out all the 6s and...

Needless to say we were then on the hunt for another single point achievement and a couple of months or so later we got his score to this point

Can you guess what's coming next ?

YUP...after much more gaming the next milestone was getting close...searched through things to find a 1 or 6 point achievement...CLONING CLYDE !!! I got that one AGES ago and got the 200 points, but 'Tedi only had 79 points on it so far. In that game was a 16 pointer...but there was an 18 point that would unlock before it...thankfully tho there was a 12 pointer to "even" it back up

After much Frog Clyde jumping on that fecking Flushed Away level to get faster than the Par time the 18 blinked....went to cheat menu, switched on Mutant Clyde...16 blinked...connected 2nd contoller,opened up a versus game in split screen and the 12 point blinked...score at that point was 88828 !!! EEEEK much excitement...60 points was all that was needed. Back to Crackdown and Crackdown 2 and a couple more achievements.

I went shopping...needed some bits and bobs (got the chocolate cheese) came back home and he'd JUST unlocked the last one for....


Now to look for a 99999 :-)

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