Monday, 19 July 2010

Don't talk to me about front wings

The Red Bull Racing Wing-gate debacle might have mostly calmed down by now, but Vettel, Webber,Horner,Marko and Mateschitz have no idea how easy they have it being short of just one PMSL

Yeah I AM joking...theirs is a multi-million industry...I'm just whinging about £1 cars

So what do I mean? Well we have 2 small boys, both adore cars, both are quite hard on toys. I would love to get them collectable items for the future but I know they would want to play with them and unwittingly destroy the local £1 shop had something close

A "Ferrari", a "Renault" and a "McLaren" were bought for each kiddie (total cost of £6)

But boys will be boys as the saying goes....within 24 hours we had...

Long story short, after many broken wings (cue Mister Mister music) and a bit of doctoring to make the space we now have...

Yes that IS a little lego soldier in the "McLaren" and Peppa Pig in the "Ferrari", and only one front wing...

The downforce would be really sh*t on these cars LMAO

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