Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Chocolate Cheese DID read right...CHOCOLATE flavoured cheese

I like chocolate...a LOT....I like cheese...a LOT

This was...errr...interesting.

Texture of cheese...not the cheap rubbery cr*p but the texture of a good quality one that melts away and leave a slight covering on the inside of your mouth.

The taste tho is kinda weird...a bit like cheesecake, not totally horrid but on it's own is missing something. I must get some digestive biscuits tomorrow as i think that's what it a cheesecake needs it's pastry or biscuit base.

Personally...i think I'll spend the next £1.50 on getting Savers digestives, Savers soft cheese, a tub of double cream and whatever left over on chocolate and make a full sized chocolate cheesecake instead

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