Wednesday, 21 July 2010

21st July More Car Knits

Been busy again.

Very close to having the big doll for the friends wee girls done...the dreaded hair is next on the actual doll ! But once that bit is done it's be finished in no time.

Couple of piccies tho...

This one is Brians steering wheel, it's a little bit smaller than Gregors (who owns the hand giving scale lol) but both boys are sleeping with their respective wheels at the moment. Not sure whether thats cute or sad LOL. Please don't ask for a pattern, this was a crocheted tube, circle and minitubes and I can't remember how many stitches.

The other make over the last few hours has been a little knitted car.

It's only 4 inches long and yes caused more arguements. So a blue variety is in the making for so both boys can have one each.
Hopefully I'll have the big doll nearer finished in the next night or two...more mini-me plans are in place LOL

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