Thursday, 1 July 2010

1st July 2010

Bumps and Bruises

Oh dear,where do we start

Yesterday G and B were play scuffling, G pushed B and Bs nose connected with the edge of the coffee table! thank gawd the corners have rubber protection do-dahs on them.

So little B starts wailing and then the blood starts trickling...wipe and trickle...wipe and trickle...errrr think we'd better get this one checked out.

Trundled to the new hossie (that escapade is another post in itself) and booked him in. All this time he's hiding his face under his hat and thankfully the bleeding had stopped of it's own accord...I have a feeling he KNEW he was going to get prodded LOL. Nice Dr B was on duty that day...evil doctor shoved evil lighted looking thing up Bs right nostril...much wriggling and screeching ensued (Mummy had a good firm grasp with one arm curled round arms and chest the other round the forehead)

Thankfully Doc feels fine with it, slightly inflamed probably due to his cold and thats maybe why it bled so 2 yrs old a nose is unlikely to break as it's mostly cartilage but it's always better to be safe even though there is really nothing they can do if it WAS broken.

Half a punnet of strawberries later confirmed that little B was fine, but he missed his afternoon nap...6.30pm, an hour earlier than his normal bedtime preperations, and it was too quiet...went for a nosy and the wee mite was fully clothed couried round his teddy sound asleep on his bed.

He wasnt happy that Mummy had to fuss him and change his rump and get his PJs on...well i couldn't leave him in a nappy he'd already had on for 4 hours and hope it would last another 13 or so, and belted jeans tshirt fleece and trainers are not the best sleeping attire. It woke him up enough till i'd got his brother ready too and they had their bedtime milk.

They joys of having boys eh? LOL

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